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You wrote: “In other hand, If I click on the right button on try with the same files and choose open with xnview, it is open correctly without any message from Axcrypt“.

From this I gather that the file is in fact not encrypted! AxCrypt should give a better message of course, but that seems to be the main problem.

You also wrote: “So even if the files does not have any axx extension, the Axcrypt message is displayed (I try to rename as you said in RDG-F1507004-jpg.axx unfortunately with the same message. This kind of dysfunction was appears just after install version 2

Not really sure what you mean here, but there is one thing that is very, very certain. AxCryt did *not* assocate .jpg with itself. It cannot do so. It does not have the code to do so. It *only* assoicates with .axx. I am *very* sure that this is caused by a manual action by yourself. Probably you lost or did not have any association for .jpg, and then windows asked you what you wanted to open the file with, and then you picked AxCrypt.

Finally you wrote: “I try to rename as you said in RDG-F1507004-jpg.axx“.

This of course is a really bad idea, since it appears that the problem was the other way around. The file is simply not encrypted, but you have associated AxCrypt with .jpg, causing the whole problem. Renaming it to .axx as under the assumption that the file really was encrypted, and you had renamed it before. But that does not appear to be the problem here.

In any case, it seemst like the main problem here is that you have .jpg associated with AxCrypt. Please google and find out how to change that association to your viewer of choice, probably XN View that you have mentioned.

That will cause that file to open (because it’s not encrypted, it’s just a plain image file)! This appears not to be an AxCrypt issue, but rather a misconfiguration in your PC. However, I may be wrong, but it looks that way from what you’ve told me so far.