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You write:

Version 1.7 was way simpler to use

Can you explain in more detail why you feel that way? I personally think AxCrypt 2 is much easier to use!

safer, different passwords and keyfiles for every single file

This, I think is not true in an objective way. I cannot imagine how you could manage different passwords and different key-files for every single file, nor do I see any increased security. Just more complex use.

With AxCrypt 2 there is no reason to have different passwords at all, so you can concentrate on having one, really good password instead. If you want to share encrypted files with others, the key sharing feature allows you to do so without sharing passwords. Much easier and more secure.

Finally you write:

the ability to keep open files in a protected vault

This I’m not quite sure what you refer to, and is it missing in AxCrypt 2?

Anyway, it’s your choice of course, but in the end I hope that you may want to try AxCrypt 2 again, and see it in a different light, than just that it’s changed.

Thank you for taking the time to tell us your thoughts!

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