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Hello Bernie!

Sorry for the inconvenience! We’re still fine-tuning the on-boarding process for existing users.

If you have an old account but have forgotten the password, use the “Forgot your password?” link at the lower right on to reset your password.

Once reset, you can use that to sign in to AxCrypt 2.

We now realize that many old-time AxCrypt users registered with us a long time ago, but since the account has been dormant since then the password is blissfully forgotten.

We’re developing AxCrypt with many new capabilities, and even old-time AxCrypt users will benefit, but it may be a trifle confusing at first.

With both old AxCrypt 1.x and the new AxCrypt 2.x all encryption is done locally, and when all is said and done it’s encrypted with your password, although there are a few layers of indirection involved.

The difference now is that we’re adding extended features with server extensions for other operations, most notably the capability for others to share encrypted data with you (and vice versa), by what we call “key sharing”. There are other features as well, and we’ll be bringing even more to you in the coming months including support for Mac, iOS and Android.

We’re also moving from an advertising revenue-model which has caused some annoyance (and to be honest not sufficient revenue to develop the software as I’d like). Therefore, AxCrypt 2.x has a Free mode more or less equivalent to the old AxCrypt 1.x and a for-pay Premium mode with stronger encryption, key sharing, password mananger and direct support and more to come.

All this requires that users register and prove their credentials to us – i.e. sign in!

We do not store your password on the server. You do not need Internet access to encrypt or decrypt files.

Since we anyway have the sign in, we’re also using that for AxCrypt File Encryption because we don’t want you to have to use more passwords than absolutely necessary. It also opens up some more interesting capapbilites, such as simple password change to all files you ever encrypted.

Therefore, as an old AxCrypt 1.x user, you’ll first have to register, sign in and then convert your old files to the new format to fully benefit.

We’re in the process of improving the conversion process for old users, but for now, decrypt your existing files using your old password, and then encrypt them again with AxCrypt 2. After that, all you’ll need is your new password to AxCrypt 2. The same one for files and for server based services. This is *not* a non-recommended re-use of a password, we’re still a single instance even if we work in two dimensions, locally and server based. Re-use happens if the password you use for AxCrypt is used at a different service, or vice versa.

Yes, the on-boarding and conversion can be experienced as annoying at first! I’m working very hard at making this process much less so!

Best regards,