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Jean-Pierre Mollicone

I used Axcript several years ago with Windows Vista 32-bit. I was very pleased with it. However I was tired of the frequent Windows and associated programs updates and slowliness and I bought an iMac which I like very much but for which there was no Axcript available.

I recently partitioned the hard disk of my iMac (El Capitan 64-bit) and installed Windows 10 on it using boot camp in order to use applications that are only available with Windows. I tried to install Axcript 2.0 64-bit on my Windows 10 partition but after having inputted my email address the Axcript 2.0 did not accept the password I inputted even though it is the password I used to encrypt and decrypt my files with Axcript 1.0 on my Windows Vista 32-bit. All my encryptions were done locally on Windows Vista 32-bit PC and I did not have to sign on to Axcript to encrypt or decrypt my files.

What should I do to install Axcript again and be able to decode my old files end encrypt new ones.

Thank you