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Hi Glenn,,

Thanks for the feedback. I really do appreciate it!

One of the guiding principles for AxCrypt since day one has been that it’s about real security, not perceived security. Another one is that I am in the absolute majority of the cases better equipped to make choices concerning the security.

This has for example led to AxCrypt being on of the few such softwares where you as the user cannot pick and chose what algorithm to use, or how to use it etc.

Now, I’m always open to dicuss the various choices, and I do change my mind when someone gets me to see the light in a different way.

Let me now just give you the “why” in why I’m not supporting the protection of individual files with individual passwords.

It’s because there is no good reason, from a security point of view. In fact, at best it doesn’t make it worse, but in most cases it will. It’s much better security to use one, strong password for all files. There’s no reason to assume that it would run any larger risk of being compromised than any other, and there’s no reason to assume that having many would in any way reduce the risk of all being compromised.

The one reason to use different passwords, is to group files for different uses by different groups of people. For this, we’ve introduced the “Key Sharing” feature, which is so much better and more secure.

That’s anyway why I’ve taken the draconian decision to simply not support it.

It makes AxCrypt  much easier to use (fewer things to type and click), and this in turn makes it much more likely to be used.

That’s the why from my point of view. Now I’m honestly interested to hear what you think. I’m not promising to do as you may suggest, but I am promising to listen with an open mind.