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Hello Jean-Pierre!

Here’s the thing – we’re changing a lot of things in AxCrypt 2, and there’s a little inconvenience when converting to the new.

We’ve released a new build today, that takes away most of the pain in converting from AxCrypt 1.x .

But, the first thing to understand:

There is no relation as such between the password used to encrypt files in AxCrypt 1.x and the password used to sign in to your AxCrypt ID (account) in AxCrypt 2. So you have to sign in with the password you have for your AxCrypt ID account, but this is not what you may have used to encrypt your old 1.x files. If you have an old account and have forgotten the password, head over to and isuse a password reset.

So, for old AxCrypt 1.x users, here’s a suggested workflow:

1 – Download and start the app, enter your e-mail.
2a – If you’re asked for a verification code, check your e-mail, and set a good strong password. Do NOT forget it! It’s crucial.
2b – If you’re asked for a password, and you don’t know it (this is not the same as the password you encrypted your old files with), ensure you can sign in to . Reset password if it’s an old account and you don’t know it anymore. Do NOT forget it this time! This is crucial.
3 – Sign in with your (new) AxCrypt ID password (not the same as for your old 1.x files).
4 – Select and open your old files. You’ll be prompted for the OLD password, this first time. Follow the instructions, and let AxCrypt convert your old 1.x files into the new format as you go along (from AxCrypt 2.1.1391 and later).

This sounds more complicated than it is ;-) The only confusing part is the fact that you may temporarily have two different passwords to keep track of – the old, and the new. As your old files are converted, the old password is no longer needed.

Best regards,


PS – If you really like your old password, and it’s a good, strong one, there’s nothing stopping you from using it for the AxCrypt ID sign in too. In fact, it’s a good idea. It’ll make conversion even easier.