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Hi everybody !

I am among the people who deeply regret the abandon of the development of AxCrypt v1.

In fact, if v2 would possess an offline password which we would be the only one to know, and if there was still the possibility to create auto-extractible executables, it would not be a problem for me and for many people I think to work with this new version.

But the makers of AxCrypt have done a lot of work these past years for the free encryption market by doing a top nutch encryption software, all this without asking any money from the users. I think that they have the right, at this moment, to begin to make a little money for all their good work. Don’t forget however that there is still a free version of AxCrypt, which is still very usable, even without the auto-extractible executable creation feature.

From another point of view, it seems that some people think that the last version of AxCrypt (v 1.7.3156) is not good anymore because of the launching of v2. This is not true : you can still work with this version, as long as Windows will be able to handle it. If ever comes a time when that would not be anymore the case, you would still have the possibility to open all your crypted files with the last version of AxCrypt and decide at this moment what will be your next encryption software.

Concerning the auto-extractible executables, sending such an exe file or sending a regular encrypted file is exactly the same if the person to which you are sending this file has AxCrypt installed on his/her computer. If this person doesn’t have AxCrypt installed on his/her computer, yes it is a problem, but only as long as this personn doesn’t install AxCrypt on his/her computer.

Maybe that Svante may confirm what I say here or say more clearly what are the real issues of the continued use of AxCrypt v1.

Thank you for your listening.