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Thank you Sputnik for you reasoned comments.

I am very much listening to the debate of V1 vs. V2, and I will work as well as I can to improve the experience for existing V1 users. I’ve already done quite a bit, but more can be done.

It surprises me a little bit about the ‘self decrypting’ files function. In my experience it just doesn’t work in practice. Does anyone here actually have a scenario where there’s any benefit or it actually works? Just about 100% of current e-mail servers and clients will block executables. I really think the standalone version is more than a substitute for the self decrypting feature. That being said, if there’s a real demand and it actually works, it’s not that hard to implement using the standalone version.

The offline functionality will probably be implemented in one way or another, but I really like the sign in metaphor where we associated the password with an identifier, even if offline. This reduces the risk of losing data due to mistyped passwords, and that’s a really good thing I think.

Version 1.7.3156 will indeed be useful for a long time, and please remember – effectively it’s been left on it’s own for about 2,5 years already.