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Hello Harry!

Thanks for the feedback, although of course I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad first meeting with of AxCrypt 2.

We are entirely dependent on feedback like yours to improve the product, and which we did for a Beta period of almost 6 months with thousands of users. Nevertheless, new things pop up even now! For example, I do agree the ‘set password dialog’ should be more clear in stating the requirements. However, this is the first time I’ve heard of anyone not seeing the standard Windows error indicator icon! We’ll try address that as well.

Let me comment on your issues one by one.

  1. Dialog to set a password. Thank you we’ll improve that. You can follow progress in our issue tracker.
  2. No progress bar. There is, but I think I know what has happened. It’s a recently noted problem when encrypting/decrypting many files from Windows Explorer is very slow. The progress bar works – but this is before it even starts to work. We have a priority ticket on that too, but it’s in a private repository so I can’t post the link. Sorry. For now, I think drag and drop or using the toolbar buttons or menu selection will be faster and more reliable.
  3. The problems with crashes here worry me the most. We’ve not received *any* similar reports. I’m also concerned when you say ‘system files’ – are you attempting to encrypt such?

Especially with #3 above in mind, I’d like to know what version you’re using. And, if I could bother you with a snapshot report after such a crash I’d appreciate it. Enable Debug mode under File | Options | Debug. Then in the Debug menu choose the Snapshot Report and follow the instructions.