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Hi Svante !

In fact, my last comment was made a little bit on the model of Plato’s dialogs in which Plato was debating with himself on a certain subject through different characters that he was staging. One character had a certain opinion about something and another character had an opposite opinion on the same subject or was questionning the affirmations of the other character. That was helpful in order to get the truth out of a given subject…

I was only trying to say to the users who are not confortable with the v2 that the situation is not that bad because it is not because this new version has been launched that the old version is by the fact no good anymore. Really, this old version, as it is now, will certainly be good for another couple of years and their crypted files will never be at risk if ever this old version stop working for a reason or another in a couple of years because they will still be decryptable with the new version. So, if they like the v1 as it is now, they may continue to use it for a couple of years, the code of this version is as secure now as it was before the introduction of the new version.

I was trying also to say to these same users that the auto-extractable file functionality is not as necessary as they think because they may send regular crypted files or archives which will be as good as the auto-extractable file with the only condition that the receiver has to open up the crypted file with AxCrypt. And as you said, the standalone version of AxCrypt which is available on the download page of your website will do the job adequatly.

The users we are talking about right now could easily use the v2 and replace the auto-extractible files this way : they just have to crypt what they want to send and put it in an archive with the standalone version of AxCrypt accompanied with an eventual “ReadMe” file indicating to the receiver how to open the crypted item with the standalone version of AxCrypt. To do this very fast, it could be possible to create a folder already containing the standalone version and the ReadMe file, serving as a basic model that just need to be copied and in which there just remains to put the crypted item inside and create and archive with this folder.

But yes, it is not as simple as the auto-extractable file functionality. These users must however understand that the process to put the crypted item with the standalone version and the ReadMe file in an archive has just to be done in the sole cases they dont know if the receiver possesses AxCrypt or not. For the people with which they frequently communicate there is no problem because the receiver just have to keep an installed version or a standalone version of AxCrypt, as he wishes.

However, the standalone version of AxCrypt should eventually also offer the possibility to work with an offline password so that a person who receives a crypted file with a standalone version of AxCrypt will not be eventually obliged to open up an online account with AxCrypt just in order to open a single crypted file…

But to be frank, I personally doesn’t need the auto-extractible functionality and has never used it.

Concerning my final opinion about the new free version of AxCrypt, I am still waiting that the Premium trial comes to an end because it is only at this moment that I will see clearly what really is this free version…

Thank you.