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Hi Svante !

Just after sending my last comment I realized that the situation is maybe not as simple as I told…

If I understand well the way the things are now for someone who wishes to use only the free version of AxCrypt, it seems that the crypted file which would be send to someone would have the personal “sign in ID” of the sender as the password, which means that the sender will certainly have to indicate his personal ID to the receiver in order that this one opens up the crypted file. If this is the case, this is a direct threat to the security of your personal ID.

It seems that in such a case the sender should have the ability to crypt the item he wishes to send with a password which would be different from his personal ID.

If the things are not as this now, it seems that you cannot send a crypted file to someone else right now otherwise than by using the online service of the Premium version.

Is it really like this ? What is the real situation about this ?

Thank you.