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Hi Svante !

Things are now becoming a little bit more clear.

As I now understand it, with the v2 you probably aimed at two main goals : to be able to keep for this new version the same name of “AxCrypt”, which is broadly known, by the fact you still keep a free version of it under the GNU General Public License and at the same time to be able to launch a “rentalware” version of it which still uses the same known name (which saves a lot on publicity costs) but for which you may ask for money because of the online key sharing service, which certainly doesn’t fall under the GNU General Public type of License.

I have nothing against that, it’s a fair practice.

With this new free version of AxCrypt however, long time users of AxCrypt looses the capacity to send crypted files to whoever they want at no cost and, as you confirmed, 128 bits encryption is largely enough secure. So, these users will probably, for a big part of them, prefer to stay with v1 and that will be my case.

For those who absolutely wants to use a 256 bits encryption and to send at no cost crypted files to someone, there are other very good free crypting softwares that are able to do the job, maybe not as easily at it is with AxCrypt (v1 or v2) but for free compared to AxCrypt v2.

I know it is not an easy situation for you and I think that you will probably have to find some very good ideas in order to bring the majority of long time users of AxCrypt to the free version of AxCrypt v2, which is something certainly highly desirable for you in the long term.

Thank you and Good luck.