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Robert M

I personally like this new model but understand why some people are disappointed.

It’s human nature. From the perspective of these users, AxCrypt 2 is lacking features they were used to and had come to expect.  It might be true that self-decrypting executables are not essential from the standpoint of rigorous logic.  It might also be true that using only one password is superior to keeping track of multiple passwords.  But people are habituated to choosing different passwords and creating self-decrypting files.  So it feels like a loss of functionality when those things are removed.

There is loss of functionality in one respect. Under the old model, users could share encrypted files without paying for the software.  Under this new model, two “free version” users will be unable to share with one another, if key sharing is a “premium only” feature. I have upgraded to premium for this very reason.

Thanks. I’m just thinking out loud here.