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@ Robert M

You seem to talk about the “human nature” as if it was a defect and that you don’t suffer of such a thing.

I would like to reassure you about the fact that you are an human, like anybody else…

It’s your right to like the new version of AxCrypt, even to upgrade to its Premium version and it’s your individual human nature that has driven you to this decision. I will not discuss your personal tastes, you have, like anybody else, your own human likings and I will never say that you have opted for such a choice because you don’t follow this rigorous logic : why pay for something that you can get for free ?

The people who have opted to stay with the old AxCrypt’s version are not necessarely people who are illogical or only guided by their habits, i.e. that they have done their choice without the intervention of any intelligence. Much of them probably needs to be able to send crypted files to others and they also have probably always felt that this 1.7 version of AxCrypt was allowing them to do such in an easy and free manner. In my view it is a matter of individual taste which is also very logical from the point of view of those who adopt it.

I think that we should all learn to accept the individual differences without thinking that those who don’t think like us are necessarely stupids, or less intelligent people guided only by their “human nature”.

Regards, Sputnik.