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Hello Peter!

If you have old files encrypted with an old version of AxCrypt and the password is different from the password used to sign in to AxCrypt 2, the following happens:

1 – You sign in with the password you signed up for AxCrypt 2 with.

2 – You attempt to open an ‘old’ file. AxCrypt tries to use the sign in password, but discovers it doesn’t work.

3 – AxCrypt pops a new password dialog, asking for the password for this specific file. This is where you enter your old original password.

4 – AxCrypt succeeds in decrypting the file, and asks if you’d like to Auto Convert the file. We recommend you click yes.

5 – Assuming you clicked ‘yes’ in step 4, AxCrypt now takes the decrypted file and re-encrypts it with the AxCrypt 2 encryption, and the sign in password instead of the old file password.

So, from this point forward, you have effectively changed the password for the file. You no longer need the old password for that particular file.

There is no strengthening or any actual interaction with the server during encryption. The server connection is only used to update licensing information and synchronize some ‘behind the scenes’ internal keys, check for new versions etc. All encryption and decryption is done locally.

There is no need to have an Internet connection to use AxCrypt. It’s only required when AxCrypt is registred on a device, i.e. when you run it the first time on a computer. Not thereafter.

If you change your AxCrypt ID Account Sign In password, all files that have been encrypted while signed in to AxCrypt 2 will also open with the new password.

Your old AxCrypt 1 files that have not been converted are as they are, and still require the original password used then.