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John Gray

Ah, OK.

My difficulty is that there is no possibility of our charity being able to pay annually for tens of copies of the Premium version of AxCrypt 2, and I am quite shamelessly hoping that the Free version would satisfy the requirements of password-protecting about 20 HR folders (or just the files therein), one per member of staff, so that managers can process the folders/files for those members of staff which they supervise, and the senior manager can process all the folders.

I would prefer not to have to go down the Veracrypt road, having to set up 20 containers, and back these up in their entirety, since they will inevitably include copious amounts of ‘free’ space (if I understand it right).  As far as I can see, AxCrypt would provide a neater and more-technically-satisfying solution to my problem!

Perhaps I will just have to wait for a month until the Premium features time out?