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Hello md!

Thanks for the valuable feeback!

I think perhaps you missed the fact we have a fully featured portable version that you can include with your archive files. This is much better than the very limited ‘AxDecrypt’ which the self-decrypting files used. No installation required, it’s essentially the same thing. We might bring the ‘self-decrypting’ feature back with the portable version as the base, or something similar, although I really don’t think it’s the best solution. Still, in this case, it doesn’t really hurt either.

AxCrypt 2 is still “just” password based encryption, there is no required tie to the e-mail adress, it’s there for sharing purposes and for the purpose of making a change of password simple. But you can *always* decrypt the file with the password used when it was originally encrypted.

We’ll be making it possible to use AxCrypt fully stand-alone without any connection to our servers as well, so that will not be an issue soon. I do understand the concern here for long-term archival purposes, so we’ll be addressing that.