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Hello Chetan,

Right now, the “anonymous rename” and “shred and delete” are indeed Premium features. Our thoughts are that the Free version should focus on the file encryption functionality, which is still free and equivalent to 1.7. Also, the “shred and delete” function has less value nowadays, since SSD drive tech makes that function almost impossible to implement properly.

Finally, the “create key file” function has been removed completely. It’s not available in either Free or Premium. The reasoning behind this is that it’s only a very few who use it and if AxCrypt is used properly the value added is very small, and in many cases it might instead lull users into a false sense of security. We’d much rather develop other ways to use full-strength keys such as usb key storage devices and perhaps mobile phones.

Nothing is set in stone though, and we’re listening carefully to comments such as yours to determine our future course of action.

Thank you for taking the time!