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Hello – I need to decrypt old Word and Excel documents (created in and prior to 2015) from an external hard drive. The PC these were created on died so I have had to install AxCrypt on a new PC. When asked for a password, I entered my old “pass phrase” that was used to encrypt most all of the files. For security purposes, I had to encrypt some files with different pass phrases so not all are the same. I am experiencing a few issues and have read through some of the questions in the forum. I only need to use the program to decrypt the documents on the external hard drive which I should be able to accomplish in less than 30 days (free trial). Is it possible to restart the trial period after some of the issues are fixed? My problems/questions are (1) after decrypting a few files, the program stops responding and I have to use task manager to close out and reopen – is there a fix for this; (2) I have not been prompted to “convert” files as I had read would happen – is that only when using the “open” option rather than “decrypt”? *NOTE – Once I decrypt the documents in question, I do not want encrypt them again; – (3) it seems I can highlight and decrypt multiple files at the same time through Windows/File Explorer at least one time and then the program freezes – I can only decrypt one file at a time when I open AxCrypt through my desktop shortcut – this is very time consuming – is there a faster way to decrypt multiple files; (4) for the files that were encrypted with other pass phrases, have I understood correctly that I will need to change the AxCrypt log-in password to match each? Thanks in advance!!