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Hi Svante !

I understand that you have to concentrate yourself on the new Premium version, the one which will bring the bread and the butter on the table, that’s OK for me and also for most people here, I think.

I understand that you are ready to supply support to the free version, at least for all the functionalities that are common to both versions. Solving a problem on the free version concerning a function that equally exists in the Premium version is equivalent to solving the problem for the Premium version. As more people will use the free version, more you will have the chance to discover possible bugs because of the number of users.

The encrypt to .exe functionality would only exists in the free version and you don’t want to put much time in solving problems of .exe blockade as there would be no positive impact for the Premium version. I understand that perfectly.

But you could make it clear that this encrypt to .exe functionality is supplied as is and that it comes with no support at all in case of blockade or any other issue for which you would decide to offer no support.

I think that doing so you would satisfy a majority of free version users and the people who would not be happy because they don’t get any support in a case of blockade would maybe represent only a minority.

Thus, you would certainly have a great amount of v1.7 users that would turn to v2, helping you to find all the bugs that probably exist in the code and helping you to find new ideas.

I repeat here what I have already said in another comment in a different topic : you are better to get the maximum of v1.7 users to switch to v2.

You see that I can also be consistent… :-)