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Update: I uninstalled AxCrypt, shredded my %localappdata%/AxCrypt folder, and reinstalled AxCrypt. It seems to be working now, with one caveat.

I tested the following with Microsoft Word 2016 (32-bit) and Adobe Acrobat 11 (32-bit) on Windows 10 64-bit:

  1. Open a non-encrypted file
  2. Open an encrypted file
  3. Close the encrypted file

AxCrypt does not recognize that the file was closed until all files open in that particular program are closed. Furthermore, clicking  “Clean Open Files” does nothing. I am no expert in these areas, but it seems that both of these programs only have one process running for all open documents. If AxCrypt monitors the PID, this would explain what is happening.

From what I remember, version 1 did not have this drawback, but rather recognized when the specific document was closed. This is problematic, as now one can no longer assume that when an encrypted file is closed it’s decrypted version is wiped.

Thank you!