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Hi Svante !

Never forget that for a large part of AxCrypt’s users, what is important is not what YOU think but what THEY think, even if you are absolutely sure to be right.

In fact, those who actually disagree with you would maybe do the opposite if there was not any Premium version and that AxCrypt was entirely free, because maybe the bad idea for them is not more the new way of transmitting crypted files than the fact that they have to pay for this while it was and is still free in the old version with the encrypt to .exe functionality.

If it would take a long before you re-introduce the encrypt to .exe functonality, if you ever re-introduce it, I think that this is not a great problem because v1.7 is still working good and maybe so for a couple of years to come, so it leaves to you a great amount of time ahead of you to do the change.

But I don’t think that the people who really feel the need for such a functionality will switch to v2 because there is no way for them actually, with this version, to send crypted files to others free of any cost.

One problem for you here is that you risk to loose the contact with those who will decide to stay with v1.7 : it is possible that many of them will not come on your new website on a regular basis just to check if the requested functionality have been added or not and they will maybe not come in great number in the actual forum to report bugs in the new version that they will not be using and they will not also bring new ideas for this new version.

From another point of view I want to say here that I am not telling people what to do, I think that everybody is mature enough to decide by himself what he’s going to do. I am just saying what I think is the real situation for many users and I am aware that I may deceive myself on this or on anything else.