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Hi again, Svante !

Quote : “And, I mostly agree that it’s not what I think, but what you think that mostly matters.”

In fact I was not telling that what matters is what “I” think, but what “THEY”, the requesters of the encrypt to .exe functionality, think. Maybe I should have made clear from the beginning that I have never used this special functionality and that all what I try to do is to clarify the situation of all those who have asked for the re-introduction of this functionality in v2.

Concerning the introduction of secondary or “sharing” passwords, this would maybe be interesting, but as long as this new functionality would be free of any charge.

This could satisfy a couple of those who request the reintroduction of the encrypt to .exe functionality, specially those who mainly like this functionality because it is free.

But I think that there are other users who like this functionality not just because it is free but maybe because it is the most handy for those who receive the crypted file : they have nothing else to do than double click on the file and to enter the password to open up the file, no software to download and/or to install.

However, I agree with you that it is maybe not the ideal way to proceed because the sender of the such crypted .exe file have to tell the password to the sharee and this password can’t be revealed in an email because it is not safe at all : the most secure way to reveal the password to the sharee is by a direct contact with him and sometimes it is not very convenient. I understand that the way to share crypted files through the actual Premium version is maybe the easiest one, but you have to pay for this service and many people are not ready for this.

Another point here is that the person to who someone will send a crypted file will eventually be someone who will have himself to send back another crypted file to the original sender as an answer to the first sent crypted file. In this particular case an encrypted .exe file is not really needed because both of the correspondents need to have AxCrypt to be installed on their computer in order to encrypt the file they want to share.

Finally, I think that those asking for the re-introduction of the encrypt to .exe functionality should clarify better their thought on this matter and explain clearly why they think it is a must and you, Svante, I think that you should modify the actual v2 so to allow users to send crypted files freely to others.

If the way the crypted files are shared in the actual Premium version is really the easiest one and the most secure as you say, the people who share this opinion will surely accept to pay for such an optimized service. I personally do think that this Premium version is what the companies should look for.

Maybe some people will think that it is difficult to know exactly what is my real thought on this subject because I may say things that will appear as contradictory from time to time : these people are right because I do not consider that the thought should be static, but should always be treated as a work in progress till all the possibilities have been carefully studied. I don’t anymore trust people who have a fixed and static thought and who are not able to question their own positions.

I was not saying this specifically for you, Svante, but for everyone, including myself.