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Ok, Mr. Verhallen, I understand.

In the case of AxCrypt 2, the technical details are a little complicated, but essentially we’re using a “Sign In” metaphor for the operation that might be labelled: “Please enter the password to use for decryption and encryption during this session. We’ll use cryptographically strong mechanisms to also verify that this is indeed the same password that you used the last time you set or changed the password, in order to avoid  mistakes“.

The point being, that with AxCrypt 1 we had quite a few support issues where users would enter the password, twice, and mistype it both times. The next time, they did not, and thus could not open their documents. That was bad. We want to minimize the risk of that even further.

Also, by making you enter it just once at the start, the subsequent operations are very easy. No need to enter it each time you want to encrypt or decrypt.

We get more questions about the fact that you *only* have to enter the password once… See .


The GPL licensing has no bearing on sign in requirements or not. It’s a license I am granting “you”, it does not restrict what I can do or how the software behaves. No part of the code is licensed to us under GPL, it’s either written by us, in the public domain, or licensed under less restrictive licenses (Bouncy Castle and Json.NET are both licensed under variations of the MIT license, and as such are deemed compatible but less restrictive).