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Hello Herman!

Easily fixed.

Ensure you have the lastest version of AxCrypt 2 (2.1.1403 or later).

Ensure that you have checked the File | Options | Auto Convert 1.x Files option.

Because AxCrypt 2 has stricter password requirements than AxCrypt 1, and because some users have different passwords for different AxCrypt 1-encrypted files, the new AxCrypt 2 Sign In password is often different that the previous.

This means AxCrypt has to ask after it when it’s needed.

If you’ve done the above, this is a one-time affair. After the files are converted and upgraded, they will use the new password, and you will only have to sign in, thereafter all is as before.

The “empty key password which can be skipped” has always been there! This is how the previous login looked like:

AxCrypt 1.7 log on

Notice the Key-File field. Just ignore as you always have! You’re not the first to have troubles with the key-file field, so the next version will hide it behind a “More”-button.

Once you have upgraded and converted your old files, I’m sure  you’ll find AxCrypt 2 even easier to work with!