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For 1.7 users there is a lot of confusion about file/account passwords management with version 2 by lack of clear explanations in the description of the features and the FAQ.

It is only when reading here I understood the password for files and for the account are the same, meaning:

If the access to your account is not that sensitive especially for a free account, you still need a very strong password at start to protect your very sensitive files.

If it is easy to reset your forgotten password account by the “I forgot” feature via e-mail, warning is needed about the fact you will not be able to open file with the old account password.

I personnally feel it is better to separate the both.

To open 1.7 files I then need two passwords,  first the account then the 1.7 file password.

I regret not to be able anymore to use short-easy-to-type password for some files and up-to-13 digits with mixture of signs for very sensitive datas.