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Ken Spears


I sent an earlier email under the support tab about liking two passwords and the self-encrypting feature.  I enrolled in v2, and I have read more of your answers on the forums and blogs and do appreciate the virus risks of an encrypted file that is a __.exe file.   So I downloaded your AxCrypt-2.1.1413.0.exe  file to see if it would serve the same purposes.  It is NOT a simple program that could decrypt a file given the password.  It require entering email, account password, etc.  This is unappealing to many people and adds a real question in their minds about what they are signing up for.

I think your new model for encryption has a problem handling the following scenario, and you might realize that there is a need for a truly standalone program that does not ask for email or passwords for a <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>basic one-time decryption</span>.

I have been using version 1.7 encryption for a file summarizing household operations.  Computer repair or other scenarios  suggest keeping it secure.  This is also the first file to pass on to the executor of my will (a short list exists for contingencies).  I keep this encrypted with a password constructed from family knowledge clues plus other patterns that can be communicated in plain text descriptions via paper.  This can be decoded into a “family” password, and would allow multiple family executors to open that file.  That encrypted file could be self-decrypted without any fuss or concern about installing software.  Other more sensitive files might need two people to reconstruct a more complex password, perhaps a lawyer plus a family member.  That ensures that any rogue lawyer or their staff could not access sensitive files until truly required.   So, I would like to conveniently use at least two passwords on my PC. The version 2 does not make this very easy.

Your signup options do not have the same perception by the <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>one-time user</span> who will have concerns understanding the complexities of a fully operational encrypting/decrypting program.  They just want the output.  I will be going back to v 1.7 until a solution exists that manages this problem.  I will do my best to use programs like Bit Defender to look into the self-decrypting files created in v1 to see if any virus package is loaded.  Two years ago, one did get installed with the .exe program, so self-decryption is not a good solution either.  Yes, one password is perfect for some models of encryption use, and sharing keys might be useful in some contexts.  There are many uses for two or more passwords handled by my own naming conventions.  I gave one.

Thanks for your efforts, I hope you can compile a simple, stand-alone, decrypting package.  Of course, it should not allow hackers to wire it up for code-cracking by having other features or simple delays.

If I uninstall v2, then my PC will be fine.  What about your account records?