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AxCrypt works fine in offline mode with no Internet or server access, except of course for the features which are server based. But plain encryption/decryption is of course fully offline functions. Currently you do need server access the first time you install AxCrypt on a new computer, but not thereafter. We’ll enable pure offline registration in the not too far distant future, if nothing else to ensure everyone that regardless of our servers or our business still operating you can always access your files, even after getting a new computer.

Premium status is checked and updated when online, and the state is cached until the next time. Is it possible to find how this is done and cheat? Sure. But do you really want to mess with and hack an encryption application, all in order to deny us hard working developers a few bucks so we can continue to support and develop this application?

Also, several of the Premium functions are server based (that’s one of the reasons it’s a subscription, not a license) and thus a local hack won’t help.