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I’m glad you are giving an android version some priority.

I’m not sure about what you call “self-contained, stand-alone, fully-featured executable” comparing to the exe files version 1.7 could produce.

I am (was! ) glad to have on an USB key, attached to my key ring,  some personal (sensitive) info in a 1.7 ver exe file.

Travelling (even if I travel with a laptop, which may crash or get stolen…) I knew I could open it to any host computer without having to install AxCrypt on the said computer.

Host doesn’t mean “systematically hostile”!! It could be at friends’ or public computer in an hotel or cybercafé where you take standard precaution not to let any trace, without installing or registering anything.  This doesn’t mean zero risks at all but is fine when used in emergency.  Actually less risky than losing your ring key with a cristal clear file on it.

Any equivalent with ver 2 would be appreciated.