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Hello Jason!

Thanks for taking time to let us know what you think.

However, we really, really do believe that it’s a step forward!

Give it a little time…

First of all – you say “The screenshot login shown on Svante’s post above is in addition to an individual encrypted file password“. This is not how it works – it’s only the first time until you’ve upgraded the old 1.x files which were encrypted with a different password than the one you made for your AxCrypt ID sign in. The upgrade is automatic for files you open, and you can also do batch conversion from the menu.

So, once the files are upgraded, and for all new files, it’s just the sign in password.

You also write “having to sign-in first time you use program in any session” and “doesn’t seem to ask for password on any subsequent encrypted document“. Well, you can’t have it both ways!

What we do, is just like AxCrypt 1. When you click on a file, we ask for the password – we just call it Sign In.

As for the fact that you don’t have to re-type the password all the time, that’s really something we’ve thought a lot about. Please do read the following which discusses this feature and the rationale.

Also, please note, that this has always been an option for AxCrypt 1, to remember passwords, we just made it standard with AxCrypt 2 – partly because of confusion caused by the optional nature of the feature in AxCrypt 1.

Once again – thanks for letting us know. All input affects how we develop the software, and insipires us to work hard on clarifying matters such as these so that it’s clearer from the start how and why.