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Hello John,

First things first – you’re offline. You can’t start a Premium Subscription offline since server access is needed to verify the offer. Just go online and it should appear. We should of course make that more clear. I thought it would clutter up the interface showing an option that can’t be used, but we’ll change it to pop a warning/information dialog instead.

You’ve had the misfortune to come to AxCrypt from an unusal angle. 99% of the users download the app and do it all from there – the signup, verification etc. It’s much clearer then.

The idea of starting automatically with Premium, is, well… We thought so too. It was like that up until a few days ago, but we’ve received so much user input about it, suprisingly enough, that we decided to try this model instead. Many users got confused and annoyed with the automatic Premium start.

Pricing is indeed tough. You could well be right, and your basic reasoning is of course sound. However, we actually do have some real costs/new users – in support. But apart from that, yes, the marginal cost of a new user is low. However, our plan is to put more features into the product at the same price, most notably starting with mobile apps. Also, we’re lower priced than just about all competition.

But, we’ll see, maybe we’ll get to 99 cents/month. Pesonally I’d love to – I’d much rather have many users at a low price many can afford, than a high price with fewer users where some just can’t afford it.

Thanks for the input, keep it coming if you will!