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Le Cervier


Hello, I had the version, I went to the and here I am lost, I do not understand, open window FGCgNxnwKMq when I do “File” then “Exit”, all is well when I click again after the icon in taskbar, the window opens again with the other window for identification: http: // www / c / FGCgZoRCtCq but if I click “Close” cross in the red square: instead of “Exit,” I have this: http : // that s’ffiche in the notification area at the bottom right of the screen, and when I click it, it is apparently nothing happens, but I do not have access to the window and oddly if I selected a file to encrypt, encrypt it without going through the login window, similar to the decrypter. To reopen the Identification window by clicking on your icon in taskbar, I have to go to the task manager: and do “End Task” this is a constraint, because to leave any program, I always click on “Close” (in red square) instead of “exit” from “File” and I’ve never had a case like your, I expect to be able to solve the problem before moving to the paid premium version, which you can tell me the above, thank you.