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Roberto Gallerani

Axcrypt V.2.1.1434.0
Windows 7 SP 1 last update 25/07/2016

Having axcrypt correctly connected and functioning, when the PC goes in save screen with password protection, when i return back to the desktop and i try to open a protected file or i open the axcrypt panel (it would have to ask me the password again), the program hangs up with the classic message in the window title “not responding” and it must be killed. Of course restarting it or opening a protected file, after password introduction, all is again active correctly. I’ve tried to remove files in %localappdata%\axcrypt\, restart and repeat the actions described above, but nothing has changed. If you need the files in %localappdata%\axcrypt\ at the occuring time, please tell me the email to send.

Last but not least, congrats for your great  job ….