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Hello Gene,

There seems to be some misunderstandings here.

What we’re storing is an encrypted copy of your sharing key. This is not the same as your password. It is another piece of data, encrypted with your password using AxCrypt. The whole point of AxCrypt is that files encrypted with AxCrypt should be able to be public. While we have no intention of making your encrypted secret sharing key public, the point is that even it that should happen it should not compromise your data. Since for that to be an issue, someone must have access to one of your encrypted files, so getting another won’t help.

I do not understand what you refer to when you say: “The keys and my computers GUIDs are stored there also“. We do not store anything like that.

No login or Internet connection is required either, if you don’t enable Internet access or can’t or won’t reach our servers AxCrypt will still work fine. The sharing functionality won’t work fully as well as some other Premium functions, but you’ll always be able to open, work with and encrypt files.