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Hello Svante

I feel compelled to put my 2cents in as well regarding version 2.

I think many of us “everyday users” don’t have an appreciation for (or care about…)  why you have implemented the online connection – regardless whether it’s for first use or not.

What I loved about 1.x was its sheer simplicity – my whole family understands how to use it and it just works. No internet connection required, ever. And for free; a truly wonderful contribution to the world which you should be very proud of.

And if I wanted to share an encrypted file with somebody (but never have in years…) then I’d make them install your product and give them the password over the phone. Yep, old school and clunky. But I feel “safer” doing so, and you got another potential user/customer in the process.

So I too would happily pay for you to continue maintaining 1.x or to sell me a fully standalone version of 2.x. I hope the innards of 2.x haven’t changed so much that you cannot consider this. I know I can stay with 1.x indefinitely I suppose, but everyday people also don’t want to fear behind left behind, especially when it comes to security.

You have changed the formula for Coke – and I for one am saying a loud PLEASE NO!