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Hello Tony!

Thanks for your input! We’re certainly listening to the views of our existing users, and we’re working hard trying to find a golden middle path. Who knows – maybe we’ll relaunch as AxCrypt Classic and skip New AxCrypt ;-) Ok, that probably won’t happen, but we may indeed support something similar to “Classic Mode”.

We’ve just had a product meeting discussing these issues, and we’ll be working in the coming weeks to try to meet many of you at least half-way.

The thing about the free AxCrypt 1.x, which I’m indeed proud of, is that I simply cannot maintain it for nothing and unfortunately very few of the existing users donated. If just a few percent of the users had… But that didn’t and won’t happen. Just the way things are. So, while many like yourself say that you’d gladly pay for a version like the 1.7, the real world seems to be different. There’s just not enough of you to support the development.

So… What we’re hoping is that users like yourself realize that you’ll have to give us *something* to get a software such as AxCrypt. That’s essentially the ‘first time signup’. You’re giving us your e-mail, which is no secret, and which does enable you to *receive* encrypted information, even if you, yourself, never have the impulse to share. Someone else may want to share with you. If you’re registered, you’re already in our catalog of users and it’s easier to share with you. It’s a small, but definitive value to us as a product, and a value to our paying users who for whatever reason do want to share. Please note also that version 2 does not have any kind of advertising wrapper, and there’s no advertising on the site either. All we’re asking for is your email, and we promise to do nothing bad with it (not that there’s much bad that can be done that’s not already done with most email-addresses).

Is that really too high a price to pay? Letting us know your email? Something every spammer on earth, everyone you ever sent an email to, and every web site you ever registered with already knows?

Also, Internet is not required. You can disable Internet access ‘permanently’, either with a command line switch –offline, or via the menus. In this case we won’t even get your email :-( .

Our aim is to retain as much as possible like the existing version for free, while creating enough clear value with additional features and platform support (iOS and Android coming up) to get enough paying users to finance the continued development. This all will benefit from.

Now, I’ll go back to working with the various issues we’ve logged as a result of input from existing users like yourself! Thank you! See to follow progress!