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Hello Gerald,

We originally implemented Secure Folders like that. Unfortunately, there’s no way for AxCrypt to know ‘who’ or ‘why’ a file is created in the secured folder, and this caused serious problems.

A simple exampe:

You start Word, type some text, save your document in a ‘Secure Folder’. Boom – it get’s encrypted automatically. Word is now very confused, but it’s perception is that the file it just saved, just got deleted. Which it did. But it doesn’t have a clue that it’s now in AxCrypt-encrypted format.

Many similar situations caused us to abandon the automatic encryption, and instead have the ‘clean up’ broom so *you* decide when it’s time to encrypt the new files.

While we’re not there yet, plans include a really good command line AxCrypt that could be used for scenarios like yours, but for now, sorry – we don’t support it fully.