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Hello Alastair,

You’re right. We should update the documentation section with a more detailed feature-by-feature description.

Anyway, AxCrypt works by taking the original file, encrypting it and then deleting the original. When you double-click an AxCrypt-encrypted file, what happens is:

  1. The file is decrypted to a temporary location
  2. Windows is asked to open whatever application is associated with the decrypted file, i.e. Word for example.
  3. AxCrypt tries to determine if it can when the application that was started is done with the file. If it can, it will then wait for this and when the application is done, it’ll take the temporarily decrypted file and re-encrypt it back to the original location.

Sometimes, AxCrypt cannot determine when the application has finished as described in step 3. In the case, AxCrypt needs to be told when it’s ok to re-encrypt it back and delete the temporarily decrypted copy.

This is what the ‘Clean Open Files’ button does. You’re telling AxCrypt that now it’s ok to remove any temporarily decrypted files.

As for the link to “More on Local PC…” – it’s not a link, it’s a CSS/script thing which expands the text. You may need to have script enabled for it to work. If script is enabled, what browser are you using?