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Dear Svante, Thanks for your reply.

Let me clear my problem and the question:

I installed AxCrypt around 20th July, and encrypted few of my important files. I have tried to open and encrypted few times and it was working.

I remember that I set a password that I uses commonly, but Unfortunately, when I tried to open these files after a gap of one month, the password is not working.

I need to understand that how I can retrieve or access/ open my files? Is any way to recover my password applied to these files, or is there any method to reset the password?

Otherwise, is it possible to decrypt the files upon sharing with some colleague through sharing the User Public Key.  I have found AxCrypt UserPublicKey file in a folder that has Public Keys. Can I use this Public Key on colleague computer to open my files, if AxCrypt is also installed on his Computer?