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Hello B Scache and Andrew,

We’ve investigated the issue further, and it’s a very simple call that fails. Microsoft does not document any conditions under which it may fail like this. Since this statement is executed everytime AxCrypt is started (if not in always offline-mode), and we only have these 2 reports it’s surely something specific in your respective systems that is unusual. Not necessarily wrong, just unusual. Of course we should AxCrypt should handle this to, the point here is that it’s not a general problem.

It would be good to understand what circumstances lead to this, in order to fix it as well as we could, so I’ll persist in asking: Do you have any idea or suggestions about something which in any way is out of the ordinary as regards to the networking in your environment? VPN software, extra network cards or USB networks, some unusual configuration, anything?

In the meantime we’ve logged an issue for this, and if nothing else comes up so we can understand this issue, we’ll issue a bug-fix that simply does not use this feature if it is broken like this. It does mean that if this is the fix that will be made, that we’ll silently ignore the error and disable the functionality which is not vital, but sub-optimal. We’d rather understand it and work around it properly.

You can follow the issue here: .