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Hello Dave,

The bad news is that we have not yet implemented a full command line with AxCrypt 2. There is still a command line, but it is a little limited and it’s really only intended for use by the Windows Explorer integration shell extension. You can actually encrypt files, if you sign in manually. We don’t have the command line documentation ready, but the switch is now –encrypt although I don’t think we actually support wild cards IIRC. Note the double-dash. As mentioned, no documentation – but you can check the source!


The good news part 1 is that you might not need to, since we now have the feature called ‘Secured Folders’ where AxCrypt will monitor a folder for new files, and you can encrypt them all with a single click.

The good news part 2 is that we will make a real command line version of AxCrypt 2 which will be more capable and easier to use than version 1 – but we’re not there quite yet. Also, anyone with reasonable C# skills can integrate AxCrypt into any .NET program, or roll their own custom versions.