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Hello Andrew,

Thanks for the info. We should definitely investigate that. Off the top of my head, I could imagine that this would happen a launch of emacs has a pattern similar to the following:

emacs.exe blabla.txt launches another process, perhaps xx_emacs.exe blabla.txt . Or, if you have an emacs process running, and launching another causes the new instance to just tell the old instance to open the file.

The point is that what AxCrypt does is:

– Decrypt the file to a temp location.
– Launch the associated application.
– If AxCrypt sees the started app, it’ll assume it’s done with the file when it exists and thus re-encrypt (if necessary) and then wipe the file in the temp location.

The secondary emacs would then try to open a file that no longer exists.

I do not know the behavior of Emacs, but could something like this be the root cause?