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John Little

Actually, the files that were in the \AxCrypt folder were photos, not text files. As soon as I double-clicked the folders they were in, they were displayed. I can’t send them to you for the same reason that I encrypted them: People don’t want them seen. :)

I have done some tests by viewing photos while they were still encrypted, and I do see that they show up in the \AxCrypt folder and the icon does turn red, then when I close the photo it disappears from the \AxCrypt folder and the icon turns gray. So that looks good.

But it still concerns me that all those photos were viewable in \AxCrypt after all of them were closed and encrypted in their actual desktop folder. When I first installed AxCrypt, I was doing a lot of rearranging and organizing files and folders (and playing with AxCrypt to get familiar with it) so I can’t duplicate all of the actions I took at that time. I just know that when I found all those photos viewable in the \Axcrypt folder, I was signed out of AxCrypt, and all the photos were encrypted in their folder and not open anywhere else. (And just to be clear, they remained viewable until I deleted them a few hours ago. Nothing I’ve done with AxCrypt since I discovered them has affected them.)