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Hello John,

I’m sorry, I was not clear enough. Of course I don’t want you to send any real content files! No, what I meant was the configuration text files that are located in %localappdata%\AxCrypt (this is above the ‘randomly’ named folders where you saw the decrypted images).

These files are named ‘FileSystemState.txt’, ‘ReportSnapshot.txt’, ‘UserAccounts.txt’, ‘UserPublicKeys.txt’ and ‘UserSettings.txt’.

Once again – the only time that AxCrypt creates decrypted in ‘random’ folders below %localappdata%\AxCrypt (where you found them) is when you double-click an AxCrypt file to open it directly.

This can in turn lead to another situation – if you *edit* the files after this type of open, *and* do a ‘Save As’, you may inadvertently be saving new copies to the temporary folder. These may then be left around, and it’s a known issue for this very special case.

I’m guessing the files in question were leftovers from your ‘playing around’ time. Perhaps you cleared all settings, or reinstalled AxCrypt or did something similar while they were there. In this case, yes, AxCrypt will lose track of them. I’ve added an issue to handle this situation also. You can follow progress here: .