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John Little

I’m using Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 and my default picture viewer is Irfanview.

There is actually a reason I’m not using the newest version. When I installed the one I’m on now it didn’t make any visible  changes to my machine. But when I downloaded the new one and installed it my screen went totally black with just a little trace of some kind of window in the bottom left. There was nothing to click on and the ESC key did nothing so I had to power off the machine. When it came back up the new version of AxCrypt was installed but there were cosmetic changes to my desktop: the taskbar was sort of translucent blue instead of black, my “open desktop” button on the far right had shrunk to half its previous size, and there was something else that I can’t remember. Uninstalling AxCrypt didn’t reverse those changes so I did a System Restore to before the installation. It fixed everything but the size of the “open desktop” button. Later I tried again to install the new version and the same things happened so I went back to the previous version, the one I’m running now. Everything looks the way I like it to be but the “open desktop” button has stayed tiny.