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Hello Paul and i_sol,

Thanks for the feedback! We’re working on tweaking AxCrypt 2 to be more easy to adapt to for existing users.

One of the challenges being that we’re also trying to solve some actual problems experienced with the old version:

1) Users losing data because they mistype or misremember a password. By keeping a single password that is verified to be correct before encrypting any data, this risk is minimized.

2) Bad user practices, such as having several different passwords for personal use. It’s just a bad idea.

I also have to comment on i_sol’s statement “4-5 step method with a pop-up (!) window, wich goes minimized (!!) on exit (cannot set otherwise), asking for a login password all the time”.

This is partially incorrect.

  1. If you double-click a file in Windows explorer to open it for example, the number of key presses and clicks is *exactly* the same as with version 1. There are no 4-5 steps.
  2. Yes, if you are not signed in, there will be a pop-up windows. So will it be with AxCrypt 1. However, yes, the windows is bigger, because it has functionality that AxCrypt 1 simply does not have. We know it’s perceived as intrusive though, so we’re working other ways to expose it.
  3. Minimized on clicking the red cross for is quite normal behavior in many similar softwares. If we didn’t do that you’d have to sign in over and over again. To really exit, just use “File | Exit”.
  4. I do not quite understand the comment about askig for a login password all the time. We get some comments on the fact that we *do not* ask for a password for every file being opened. If you’d like to explain further, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks for the comment about asking too much detail to comment the forum, I’ll check what we can do there. We ask for three things, Name, Email and Website. We don’t need the website info, it’s just because of WordPress’s history as a blog tool I think. Name is nice to have so it’s not so anonymous, but we don’t need to require it. Email is only used so you can get notified of responses.

We do *not* use any of the information asked for to post here for marketing information, or for anything else than mentioned above. Name because it’s nice to have a handle on the person we’re talking to. Email so you can get notified. Website not at all.