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Hello Thiago,

Thanks for contacting us about this.

It seems indeed very strange that the files are left in the work folder, but AxCrypt considers it’s state clean.

Your use case with Notepad++ and Excel is nothing unusual about, although you often do have to actually exit the application to get AxCrypt to automatically clean up. But that’s not the problem here apparently.

Do you open the files via Windows Explorer, or the AxCrypt Recent Files view?

Are the files in AxCrypt 2 format and open without further password prompts when you are signed in to AxCrypt 2?

I’m wondering if the following could be what happens:

1) You open the file.
2) You edit and save it. AxCrypt has the broom icon red and active.
3) You close and restart AxCrypt, or the scren saver goes active and AxCrypt actually cleans and clears the broom.
4) You still have the file open in the editor, and now you resave it. Now it may be possible to have it both in the temporary location and AxCrypt considers itself clean.

We have very few reports like this, it’s essentially you and the other you refer to, so there’s something about this situation. We do have a few things on the to do list to further make it robust for various edge cases, which includes checking the work folder and verifying that there’s really nothing there, even if there should not be anything there.