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Hi again, and thanks for responding my (our) concerns so quick, it proves an excellent customer service, which is always a cornerstone before paying for a product. I cannot comment on your reply of using your 2.x program with Win Explorer, as my opinion is thats a bogus method for file organizing – I use a specific, and very common two-window based commander.  Here, with your previous version 1.x I simply right-click on a file or folder, than select what I want to do. Type psw. or locate key .txt, and I am done. However in 2.x you extend this method with an account with required login credentials, which makes the process long, too long for me. I do not want to log in first with name, password, email, than locate the file in a different explorer window (the one provided in your program), type second (encryption) password/locate key file, than leave the program open for taking up resources unnecessary. To be honest, according to modern requirements, for such a simple task as an encryption, more than one window is already too much, login and account-keep is way beyond annoying. I got AxCrypt anno for having a simple contextual command at hand, when needed, without unnecessary clicking around.

Minimized on clicking the red cross as per normal in similar softwares is user defineable, not a set function as it is in here. Otherwise – again – its just unnecesary steps taken for a very simple task, such as closing a running program.

However I understand marketing strategies as of 2016, I believe most users main problem with your current program is the fairly “agressive” data collection (in 1.x it simply was not necessary to create an account, this is the main difference for 2.x, where it is required for function.) also the pushed sales (quite a lot of messages calling for premium during use), on top of that, you only offer a recurring payment through subscriptions, rather than a one-off buy, which probably beyond the value you provide. I would not hesitate for a moment, to buy the 1.x with full functionality for an affordable price, however no way I subscribe for a yearly recurring, automated payment, which is something I commit myself, then tend to forget, or get it out/beyond of control for various reasons. Recurring subscription is something you should be most careful nowadays. It probably would be a more favorable way for everyone, if you would offer a week or so trial, then a one-off buy for a few dollars. Would not be better a few million paid download than few million non-subscribers? Anyway, it is still a good product, but so many similar out there for free, however not one is so user friendly like 1.x was, with a one-click context command, using no resources when idle. As I still using that, I shall go and donate just to show sign of goodwill, regards