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Thiago (tmzani)

Hello Svante,

I will be doing that today and let you know the results. Right now I am facing another weird issue: After closing some of the texts, AxCrypt lost track of the files and apparently entered in some sort of loop: Process is consuming almost 2/3 of my CPU power. Right now it has 2 files under control (recent files).

I’ve turned procmon.exe on and in less than 1 minute it had generated more than 2MM events. From what I can observe, it is running the following procedures:

1) Tries to open controlled files in the temporary directory – at the same time, it queries the original files. Note: It is querying files that are not listed under “recent view” but are currently opened via AxCrypt

2) At the end of the “file scan”, it tries to open FileSystemState.txt and writes something to it;

3) Runs a new scan against the original and temporary files;

4) Quit the activity and jump to #1 again;

It does not stop. My impression is that FileSystemState is getting corrupted somehow (and losing track of the opened files).

ps: Yes, of course I can help. You can either send me a beta software or we can schedule a live session (I am on GMT-0300). Let me know.