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Hello Marcel,

Thank you for your feedback. Have you checked out 2.1.1474 (or later)? It is much more like the version 1, in that the password dialog is more like it, it doesn’t show the main Window if you don’t want to etc. Personally, I really do not see that much of a difference in daily use! You double-click, maybe get a password dialog, click OK. The file opens. You close.  It gets re-encrypted. You right-click, select AxCrypt | Encrypt. It encrypts. Just like version 1!

On top of that there are many other feature that have been asked for during the years, that’s why we have the main Window. In fact, a common support question for version 1 is “Where is the program window?”.

As for the license vs. subscription, please read for a longer discussion about that.

There’s always a possibility to rethink! That’s why we’re asking you all for feedback! And we do rethink, we’ve made many changes to version 2 based on the feedback we’re getting. So keep it coming!